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How Clutter Can Affect Your Day

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

An organized lifestyle is more than just maintaining a tidy home and office, it affects the flow of your daily life and makes you a subject of your environment. If you cut down on the clutter, you free yourself of pointless little choices you make throughout the day that clutter your mind, waste time, and don't contribute to your happiness.

Consider this internal dialogue as you get ready for work:

What outfit should I wear today? Let's go with my best corporate look, the black dress. Why isn't it here? I know I hung it up recently. Maybe it's in the dryer? No. Hang drying in the bathroom? No. Oh, jeez. It's just sitting here on the chair. Why? Is it dirty? *sniff* That'll work.

Which hair products should I use? Just a little gel. I'll get it from the vanity. Why isn't it here? Where did I leave it? Master bath? No. Under the sink maybe? Strike two. Ah, on top of the dresser! No?! I give up. Oh, on the floor tucked behind the dresser. Why didn't I think of that earlier? jeez.

What jewelry should I wear? Silver or gold? Silver. Turquoise or classic silver? Classic. Classic is not here, so turquoise it is! What? I only have one of the matching earrings, so gold it is!

What shoes? Oh, the black suede of course. When did this strap break? I'll throw those out later. Grey leather then. There they are under the red boots. I can't get rid of this weird crease in the leather. I'll stuff something in there later to reform it. I guess the red will work.

If you have ever had a morning start even a little like this, consider how this scenario could affect your day:

1. Your mind can't focus, because it busy solving little problems like which item to choose, where the item is, what other item will suffice instead. You miss out on the chance to run through the upcoming day and mentally prepare yourself for work and what you want to accomplish.

2. The confusion caused by these little morning hiccups are slowly eating away at the time you gave yourself to get ready. Now, you are starting to, with each little hiccup, worry about time, and are falling behind as well as building a mental list of things you need to remember to do later (throw away shoes, fix other shoes). You most likely won't remember to do them later, but you will remember that there is something you were supposed to remember, which will contribute to a foggy mind.

3. Not only are you not able to focus and are falling behind, but you have had to make decisions that cause you to settle on your professional appearance and overall confidence.

These things may seem small, but they have now set the tone for your day, making you feel just a bit unprepared to tackle the day, your mind foggy with unimportant thoughts and slightly lower confidence since you are not fully comfortable in your professional presentation.

For me, the perfect morning formula consists of enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch watching the news before the cavalry wakes up. If I can do that, then let the games begin!

Life is much more liberating when you control the day and are not a subject of your environment. The solution may seem as simple as tidying up, but it's not just a quick fix solution. If you want to make sure that you and your family benefit from the clarity of a simpler space and a clear mind, it must be a lifestyle change.

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