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Decluttering on the go

The idea of getting organized is appealing to most, but it's not always possible to jump right in at full force. If you want to begin your organizing project but don't currently have a lot of time to devote to it, try these tips to help you get started.

Set up a donation and trash box station

Before beginning your organizing project have a station for a donation box and a trash box. This way you are not accumulating piles around the house that you will "worry about later". To make things even easier on yourself, you should figure out where you will go with donation boxes and trash before beginning so that you are less likely to let those boxes sit in the closet or garage for several months.

Turn all your hangers around

Get started organizing your closet by weeding through your clothes with little effort. Go into your closet and turn all of your hangers the opposite direction, meaning whichever way you currently hang up your clothes, switch the hanger in the other direction. Whenever you wear something and it goes back in the closet, turn the hanger back to its original direction. After six months, see which items are still hanging in the wrong direction, and get rid of them.


At the risk of being a little morbid, I would like to shed some light on an important tip. There are two instances in your life that you should NEVER have to worry about what you are wearing or whether you are dressed appropriately:

1. If you lose a job and have to go on interviews

2. If you lose a loved one and must to attend a funeral

Always make sure you are prepared for the worst, so make sure you have an outfit for job interviews and an outfit for attending a funeral. Don't add to your stress or heartache by worrying about spending money and having to find the appropriate outfit.

Schedule your decluttering time

In order to make sure that you actually begin this project that is now on your to-do list, schedule small time segments to get started. It can be as short as "declutter for five minutes" starting with once a week. It doesn't matter as long as you commit to beginning somewhere.

Start with one drawer

If you are overwhelmed with starting your organizing project, start with a simple drawer. This way you can see the whole project in front of you at a glance, and it won't be too daunting.

Use the "one in, two out" rule

"One in, two out" means that for every one new thing you bring into the house, you must get rid of two things. Keep to the "one in, two out" rule in order to keep from accumulating more stuff while you are working on your decluttering project, and it will help you inch closer to your overall goal of complete home decluttering living like a tidy rockstar.

Taking small steps toward the overall goal is a great way to get into the right headspace to tackle an overwhelming task if that's where you find yourself. So don't fret, just take one small step in the right direction and keep on stepping at your own pace.

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