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Small Business Organizing


Whether you're a start-up business or have been around for a while, ClutterSavvy can offer useful tools and resources as well as hands-on help to move your small business forward. Services provided can be implemented for an individual, a team, or the business as a whole.

On-site organizing and productivity services start at $35/hour with phone and email availability between sessions. 


Free 30-60 min. initial consultation 


Services available:

  • Hands-on Work Space Organizing

  • Time & Task Management Systems

  • Project Management

  • Evaluation of Productivity Processes

  • Streamlining & Refining Productivity Systems

  • File Management

  • Digital Organization

  • Accountability check-ins to insure you stay the course

You can expect:

  • A Person-centered Approach 

  • Written Action Plan

  • Complimentary one month phone check-in to view progress and answer any questions


*No Hidden Fees*


Hands-on Organizing

Whether the space is large or small, we can find solutions to help you get organized and create a flow more conducive for getting work done. Organizing the work space is definitely the first place to start in any organizing project and is necessary to set yourself up for success moving forward. 

Time and Task Management Systems

These include an array of different types of useful systems and techniques that will help you prioritize your obligations, help you set realistic goals and manage those goals, and streamline the organization of incoming information in the form of emails, customer issues, employee issues...etc.

Project Management

Whether it is understanding where to begin a project and creating a plan for moving forward or managing a project from inception to completion, we can provide the guidance and tools needed to get the job done. By thoroughly defining the parameters, assessing the risks, and creating the appropriate structure for project goals and communication, we can help you ensure that your project comes to fruition.

Evaluation of Productivity Processes

By evaluating systems that are already in place, you gain an outside perspective on possible issues that may be corrected for greater efficiency. Through a thorough understanding of the process and the use of lean principles, we can help you streamline the process and become a more efficient business.

File Management

We can set up or reorganize your file system to help you get the most function and ease out of it. This includes the organization of either paper or digital filing systems.

Digital Organization

From computer desktops to mobile devices, we can provide the resources and help you need to get organized in the digital age. We can show you which cloud-based systems could be right for your business and provide useful apps to keep you on track as well as simple desktop clean up and organization.

Accountability Check-ins

Accountability check-ins can come in the form of a text message, phone call, or email and the frequency can range from once a quarter to once a week depending on the need. This service is mainly to keep yourself on track with whichever system we put in place for you. Some times it helps to be accountable to someone other than yourself and gives you that little extra boost you need to stay on track. For each check-in, we make sure that the system is still working for you and that you are on track to meet the goals you set for yourself as well as answer any questions you may have. Prices for this service are as follows:


Quarterly Check-ins  $20/year


Monthly Check-ins     $60/year 

Biweekly Check-ins   $10/month

Weekly Check-ins      $20/month

My Promise to You

My quality of work is very important to me, so for that reason, I will not move forward with a job I do not feel absolutely confident that I can deliver the desired results.

I promise to:

  • Uphold the NAPO Code of Ethics

  • Deliver quality work

  • Always respect the business of any client

  • Frame the process around your individual needs

*ClutterSavvyLLC is a fully insured business.