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My journey began when I received my BA in Psychology at UNC Chapel Hill and worked at the Autism Society of NC. As an instructor and Chairperson of the Quality Improvement Committee at ASNC, I created step-by-step visual systems to help autistic children and adults (as well as those with other developmental disabilities) overcome difficulties that prevented them from completing tasks or meeting goals. During this time in my life, I learned a lot by seeing through others’ eyes. One of the most important lessons I learned is that no solution fits everyone. It's important to find the solution that helps you grow as an individual.

After my time at ASNC, I ventured into residential and commercial real estate for several years in a number of capacities: property management, leasing, sales, and marketing. Simultaneously, I worked part-time as a wedding and events coordinator for a small catering company. This allowed me to hone my time management and organizational skills, as well as make me appreciate the value of creating structure for myself in order to successfully fulfill all my roles. 

My newest organizational test comes in the form of a growing family, equipped with a busy husband, a growing toddler, and a rambunctious dog duo. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Once I found a balance between being a new mom, a wife, and my own person with goals I aim to accomplish, I was able to use my talents and expertise to create ClutterSavvy. I love sharing my knowledge with the world, helping people achieve their goals, and helping them fall in love with their space again. What could be better?